Larsgard Victims: We’ve Been Re-Victimized By False Attacks

Great point from the Winslow hometown newspaper:

Winslow residents Theda Curley (left) and Cathy Galvan stand at the corner where the Larsgard rampage began.

A community expecting closure to a terrifying incident is feeling re-victimized as media coverage from Norway portrays what many view as an angry crime spree that occurred in Winslow last year as a simple misunderstanding that was blown out of proportion, resulting in a miscarriage of justice.

It’s a shame so much of the outcry surrounding the Larsgard case has neglected not just the facts, but the feelings of the people he terrified. Here’s how Winslow’s Cathy Galvan recalls that day:

“I was at the other end of the block and I could hear the screech of the tires as he hit the gas. I remember thinking he was going to kill someone and began running toward the stand,” recalled Galvan. As people began screaming and running both to and away from the scene yelling for him to stop, Larsgard appeared to became even more enraged. “I will never forget his face. His eyes were bulging and his face was beet red. He put out his middle finger at us and looked just furious,” stated Galvan.

Larsgard’s supporters, meanwhile, continue to use the typical cliches — America hates foreigners; Winslow is a hick town; Arizona has a justice system gone berserk — to ignore the simple fact that John Kristoffer Larsgard got exactly the justice he deserved.

Prison, to keep the streets safe from his like.



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  1. Terje Noss · · Reply

    In Norway we are surprised by the the justice in your country. This would never happen in a democracy like Norway. You guys dont act like humans. After this Norwegians will stay away from your country. Innocent people must sit 7 years in prison because unlucky driving and mad village people that used violence against him.

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